Baba Lao Flour

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    Almost everyone consumes flour at some point. It is the basis for most baked goods, like bread and cookies, and it is also used as a key ingredient when you batter and fry meat, seafood, or vegetables. The calories in flour, carbs in flour, and other flour nutrition facts depend (in part) on the type of flour that is used. All purpose flour is one of the most common varieties.

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    Maize is also called corn, a staple in north and south Americas, which is widely used in food ingredient, recipes and tortilla. It is acknowledged that maize is rich with nutrition and various kinds of nutrition. It is an important source of vitamin B1, B5, Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants and etc. The milled maize flour remains the full nutrition of maize and makes it available for human consumption. Maize flour is not only a tasty component of snacks and other recipes, but also good to your body. Here we will talk about the benefits of maize flour.